“This...HAMLET knows exactly where it's hurtling, and it carries us along like passengers on Poe's hell-bound ghost ship...Director Nancy Keystone has a vision layered in mysteries, befitting a play that has tantalized us for 400 years...This HAMLET does more than get under your skin--it detonates deep in your brain."
--Dan Hulbert,
Atlanta Journal-Constitution,

"This HAMLET is a brave new world about political paranoia, filled with hidden microphones, co-conspirators, intrigue, sex, passion, and, oh yes, the clearest rendering of Shakespeare's text you'll ever see on stage. It is a mind-blowing, shuddering experience, a nightmare brought to life through the brilliant, clear-headed direction of Nancy Keystone...This is not HAMLET for the Barrymore crowd. This is HAMLET for us...it is so good, so intense, and so strongly staged that you will be stunned by it. I cannot recommend it enough."
--Michael Kape, WABE-FM/NPR, 1995